The knowledge I apply and how I came across it.

Marketing science’s central tenets for profitable brand growth are:  

  • Aim for penetration (and loyalty will follow)

  • Reach all category buyers 

  • Build mental and physical availability

Deliver on the main drivers for choice in your category, and be known for doing that

  • SOV ≈ SOM over time

Be distinctive—it’s more important than being differentiated  

After 20 years of international strategic branding and campaign planning with budgets totalling $100M+, I  know a bit about how to do this in practice. It’s hard, but involves a lot less guessing than in the way marketing is still practiced in many places.

These 20 years have included:

Brand strategy and communication platform development projects

Design and tracking of brand assets

Setting up and using brand trackers and dashboards for marketing decisions

Performing segmentation studies

Marketing effectiveness measurements including econometrics

Qualitative and quantitative market research on product developments, advertising concepts and brand assets

Planning and briefing of 50+ mass communication campaigns and 20+ market entries.

Over the last two years I have also personally run several digital campaigns, doing everything from creating audiences, adapting creative elements and defining remarketing criteria for Google Adwords, Facebook and Youtube ads. I’ve managed influencer marketing and video content marketing on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To analyse and optimise I've used Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Traackr, Brand24, Hashtagify.me, Ahrefs (for SEO), and TubeBuddy. And I’ve used HubSpot and Sales Navigator for personal sales.

So I know what the shifts and levers look like, and I know enough to agree that the “digital” in digital marketing is obsolete. It’s all marketing, and all channels have their strengths and weaknesses. 

The only way to do things “smarter” is by figuring out how the mechanisms for growth applies to your brand and its context.


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